Top Double Watch Winders for Your Automatic Watch

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A watch winder Australia keeps your valuable timepiece accurate and ticking though you are not wearing it for some time. It keeps your watch ready whenever you want to wear it, saving your time to reset it when it loses its energy and stops working. Watch winders are available in a broad variety of models. And a double watch winder is a great option if you own 2 automatic mechanical watches or you just have one, but plan to grow it into a collection of two.

In this article, we provide you with some recommendations of top double watch winders. Here they are.

Smith Bamboo Watch Winder

The first recommendation is Smith Bamboo Watch Winder. It comes with 2 winders that can operate separately on one of 5 modes, making it an ideal choice for those of you who own different types of automatic watches. This double watch winder has it all, quality, finishing, and details. It is smooth and works quietly so that you can comfortably place it on your bedside table without having to worry about getting your sleep disturbed with the noise.

Some users love it for its multiple settings and sleek design. Smith Bamboo double watch winder works in the exact same quality even though you use it every day. It is very durable, allowing you to use it for a long run. The exterior features a bamboo material, as the name implies. While the exterior looks traditional, the interior is very modern with its stainless-steel material.

Billstone in Safe 2 Walnut

This Billstone’s watch winder collection is specifically designed to be placed in an enclosed cabinet or safe. The In Safe 2 watch winder is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and lasts long. You do not need to plug it into an electric socket. Therefore, there is no need to drill a hole in your cabinet or save it for cables. It does not have any doors so that you can easily access within your safe. Moreover, the design is slim and compact.

The finishing of the watch winder features walnut woods. The watch holder is adaptable, making it suitable for men and women automatic watches. The watch winder Australia is lined with a high-quality soft material that is safe for leather, gold, ceramic, and steel bands.

You can buy those double watch winders online. Those are the recommended double watch winder Australia. Which one that attracts you the most?

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