3 Specifications You Should Consider to Get the Best Multiple Watch Winder

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Choosing the best multiple watch winder is challenging due to its variety. Make the selection process faster by classifying the winders based on the specifications. Follow the steps below to get the best multiple-watch winder specifications. The appropriate specifications lead to a good performance of watch winding to keep your automatic watches rotating accurately.  

Check RPM or Rotation Per Minutes 

You should check the RPM or Rotation Per Minutes to classify the watch winder reference you have. Most automatic watches need minimal movement to stay wound. A watch winder with adjustable RPM or Turn Per Day is a good option. It means you can wind your watch naturally. As a result, the winder will work just like your wrist. The right rotation per minute or Turn Per Day can keep the watches ticking longer.  

Check the Dual Oscillating Rotation 

A multiple watch winder may not be used for all automatic watches. It is so important to check your watch collection before buying a winder box. Watch self-wind under a single rotation is not suitable with a dual oscillating rotation. Instead of protecting the watches, this storage will be damaging them. Alternatively, you can invest in a winder with dual oscillating rotation and a winder with a single oscillating rotation system. 

Check the Resting Periods

Your multiple watch winder box doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes this tool will stop working. You don’t need to worry about it. This condition is known as the resting period. Let say a specific watch winder works in 30 minutes and rest for two minutes per day. It means that this device will stop working for two minutes after running your watches for 30 minutes. The resting period is also crucial to keep your watches healthy and work longer.  

Indeed, the multiple watch winder specifications above help to choose the right product. Choosing the right multiple watch winder will give your watches more benefits in terms of accuracy, performance, and appearance.  

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